Hello there and welcome to The Pick and the Pen!

My name is Alex Marga, and I am a journalism student at the University of Oregon where I am working towards a degree focused on magazine writing.

I am a huge movie buff, but my biggest passion is music. I listen to everything from folk to rock, from chillwave to soul, and I love nothing more than to engage in conversation with someone about bands that never fail to amaze me. My dream job is to work for an arts magazine à la Under the Radar, Filter, or Paste, but until then I want to be able to provide the public with a little insight into the arts world around us.

With The Pick and the Pen, I aim to interview artists of all sorts, whether it be bands, painters, photographers, filmmakers, or writers, and get the word out there to the world that these interesting people are creating things that define them! In addition to interviews, I will be reviewing albums, galleries, movies, shows in general, and also doing features on arts topics.

If you are an artist and are interested in being interviewed, email me at: thepickandthepen@gmail.com

Otherwise, please enjoy the blog! Leave any comments, questions, suggestions or concerns for me either via email or in the comment section on any of the posts (you don’t have to have an account to leave a comment!)


Alex Marga


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