Delocated! Series Finale, “The Frrt Identity” Review

“The Frrt Identity”
Rating: 8/10
One thing that I’ve always appreciated about Delocated! was it’s ballsy attitude. I mean, there are some episodes of this show (“Tap” and “Mixer” are two huge examples from the second season) that have extremely gory moments and huge shockers.

I think this is in part due to the fabulous casting.

Don’t get me wrong, I love love  LOVE Eugene Mirman’s Yvgeny as a character, but the first season, where he’s actually quite violent towards “Jon”, was the weakest in comparison. It wasn’t until the fabulous Steve Cirbus came in the second season as Sergei, the killing machine, that the show really picked up the pace. And it allowed for a softer side to Yvgeny also, which made the series better in my opinion.

But back to the first point… my favorite part of this show is just their ability to say “Fuck it! Let’s have Sergei straight up murder a man on camera, and then have Jon tap dance to Maine for 3 straight minutes with silly music.” The absolute BALLS of these guys!

The rest is spoilers for the series finale episode, so read more if you’re interested.

Jon Glaser as "Jon" on Delocated! Picture courtesy of

Jon Glaser as “Jon” on Delocated! Picture courtesy of

So when it came to the series finale, I knew they’d go in with that attitude… but I was definitely not expecting the level of crazy that it reached in the end!

The episode starts with “Jon” washing up in the bay of New York City with no memory a year after the last episode. Of course, the first person he runs into is Jay, the doorman who “Jon” has previously had a complicated relationship with, and Jay gives him a package that contains a bottle of “Knock Knock. Who’s There? Vodka” (the vodka brand that Yvgeny Mirminsky pioneered in the previous season 3 episodes).

Yvgeny, who is still holed up in the old Russian Social Club, is now a successful business man who has abandoned his crime lord days as the head of the Mirminsky family to pursue a career in vodka production. “Jon” suddenly shows up, still with no memory, and Yvgeny freaks out, trying to get him to leave peacefully. But before “Jon” leaves, he suddenly speaks perfect Russian saying (and I’m paraphrasing here) that Sergei should’ve become the head of the Mirminsky family and that Yvgeny is a failure and a shame. Yvgeny sort of backs into a corner, still peaceful, and watches as “Jon” goes Bourne on the cronies in the social club and beats them to death with a baseball bat. Then, “Jon” knocks Yvgeny unconscious, and drinks the vodka only to find a key to his loft (from Season 3). He goes back to the loft and recovers his full memory.

After a discussion with the FBI, TB and Jon eagerly await the return of David, his son. At first, the meeting is sweet, but then the head of the FBI receives word from Yvgeny (of all people) that Jon has killed 2 people, and Jon suddenly snaps and starts chasing David through the woods. While he’s sort of under this weird trance that he wants to kill his son, he also is conscious of being the good ol’ fashioned “Jon” we’ve grown to know and love (there’s a brilliant sequence where he talks about how great Iceland is and how many “10s” are there… it continues as he chases down his son while still yelling how David should go to Iceland).

Then, in a totally shocking twist, “Jon” chases down David and overcomes him. As “Jon” starts choking David, flashbacks of “Jon” getting brainwashed to kill David by Sergei show him training and looking at maps. During this entire sequence, “Cat’s In The Cradle” by Harry Chapin is playing, and the scene ends with David’s death and “Jon” running away. Cut to commercial.

The second half of the episode is solely dedicated to “Jon” finding Sergei and “defeating the master.” As the two strip down to their underwear in a cabin in the middle of Russia, they have a lengthy (and witty) knife fight, resulting in “Jon” breaking both of Sergei’s arms and, after yelling “Welcome to the Bone Zone”, brutally stabbing him to death.

Finally, “Jon” confesses to a camera that he had high hopes for the in-series “Delocated!” series, but he was going to stay in Russia and live his life in peace. He takes off his mask, revealing Jon Glaser’s real face, and finishes the video.

Network executive Susan (Janeane Garofalo) and the FBI are watching Jon’s last video, and they receive his ski mask as a “token.” She explains that she wants to put it in the Smithsonian, aka the trashcan, and reveals that she and the head of the FBI are now married (or dating). A simple wrap up for them.

The episode ends with Jon Glaser, wearing his signature golf outfit that he seems to wear all the time, setting up a tee outside the cabin and just hitting golf balls as the camera slowly pans out, revealing a very dead Sergei hanging upside down from his feet bleeding out. End of show.

Overall, the ending was surprisingly hardcore. Even with the nature of the program being unafraid to go in that direction, I found myself nearly crying at the sudden death of David. Sergei’s death wasn’t as hurtful as I expected, but I think that was just because it extended over a good 6 minutes or so.

But yet again, this show triumphs above others due to it’s solid drama, intercut with jabs of humor. While this episode is mostly all action and drama, there were little funny parts: “Jon”, upon meeting Jay for the first time, first responds, “For some reason I have the urge to tell you to shut the fuck up;” all of the Iceland jokes about the amount of “10s” was a great little ongoing joke through the episode; the banter between “Jon” and Sergei as they fight to their death is just as expected and chemistry filled… the writing in and of itself was incredibly rewarding, even with all the action.

Overall, there were a few things I wish were there, but the episode did not disappoint. Go out with a bang, they say, and boy they sure did.

I hope Jon Glaser does so well in the future with whatever he pursues. But I do hope he gets back into writing shows because Delocated!, as a whole, is incredible.

Little observations:

  • With his memory gone, “Jon” tries to figure out his name and chooses “Mike” first. I almost already started crying right then and there.
  • His second name guess is “Craig” to which he replies that his nickname would be “Craig-er”
  • I laughed out loud when Jay appeared.
  • “SHUT THE FUCK UP. I’m sorry I didn’t mean that. You seem like a genuinely nice person.” “Aw, thanks Jo-” “SHUT THE FUCK UP.”
  • I am still game if anyone wants to actually start a company called “Knock Knock. Who’s There? Vodka.”
  • Yvgeny looks fantastic after a year! Ditched those crazy shirts and went for a business look. Not to mention he’s on the cover of Vodka Monthly!
  • (secretly happy that Trish didn’t come back… even though she was fairly okay to Yvgeny. He just seems so much better now without the crazy mob-ness)
  • I gasped when “Jon” started talking Russian… and just the look on Yvgeny and the other Russians’ faces was so intense. I also gasped when “Jon” hit Yvgeny with a bat!
  • I mean, he maybe kind of deserved it? But nope. He’s a good guy now (and kinda always has been).
  • I wish there had been more than just the few minutes with Yvgeny. It was interesting seeing him return but it was very anticlimactic. Also, I was so relieved to hear he lived because wow that would’ve killed me.
  • Once again, another cut-together improv series of “Jon” describing Iceland killed me. “Look over there? a 10. All the 10s just everywhere.”
  • It was great seeing TB again, but he had a total of 2 lines. Cheated? maybe….
  • That kid who played David? I never remember his name but I’m going to commit it to memory because he’s fantastic.
  • David’s death to “Cat’s In The Cradle” completely broke me down. And the tension was palpable. The silly music right before the commercial break was a great tension-breaker but it kinda made it even more fucked up.
  • I was a little disappointed in the second half of the episode, just because it was so long with Sergei, and the death didn’t seem as satisfying. Which sounds terrible, but think of how Sergei killed Jon’s family and friends…
  • “The student has come back, but now he’s become the master.” “Does that make me the student? Do I need a student ID?” “Yeah……No…… You don’t need a student ID….”
  • Callbacks like “Welcome to the Bone Zone” and the whole weird flute playing rounded out the series quite well.
  • Jon revealing his face actually took me by surprise, even though I’m well aware of Glaser’s real face. It just made the ending more real.
  • As much as I love Garofalo, her appearance in this episode was slightly pointless.
  • I wish they would’ve brought back KIm. She was fantastic and deserved a return…
  • The last shot of Jon playing golf in the Russian woods with Sergei bleeding out in the back was the perfect ending.
  • Whoo. gonna finish my Mirminsky Sidecar (aka vodka and orange juice… just renamed for special occasions) and cry myself to sleep.

One thought on “Delocated! Series Finale, “The Frrt Identity” Review

  1. agreed! loved the episode but REALLY wanted some old faces to return. was hoping kim or the security guard (mike?) from the second season was gonna return for one final goodbye

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