UPHEAVAL (and back from hiatus)

Hi readers!

Thanks for sticking around to read the blog. As the school year went on so did I, and I had little time to do awesome interviews for the blog.

But I’m officially back from my hiatus and I bring news!

THE PICK AND THE PEN is no longer going to be just an interview blog (no, sir!).

That’s right. After a year of sticking to interviews, I’ve decided to expand the blog to all arts related things.

BUT DON’T FRET!! I’ll still be doing interviews and featuring these brilliant artists, but the expansion will allow me to work with various different types of writing and, for you readers, there will be a lot more articles to read.

Some of the things that are coming:
– Reviews: I’m going to review new albums, concerts, movies, and TV shows as they come to me. These may or may not be consistent for now, but if the blog becomes more noticed and I start getting more CDs, I will review them as soon as I can.
– “Netflix Pick of the Week”: Once a week I’ll recommend a Netflix movie or show that you should check out. I’ll write a synopsis and why it’s worthy of a pick
– Dollar Bin reviews: I’ll pick an album out of the dollar bins at random and review it. Hopefully I’ll try to do this once a week.
– Multimedia: I’ll start doing podcast interviews and video features that I’ll post on the website when they are finished. These are when I have time.
– News: anything that is arts-news related that’s worthy of a post will be on the site!

If you have any suggestions or comments, please comment below!

In the meantime, check out my reviews for Northern Transmissions: (Nouela)


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