Posted in June 2012

Movie Review: Tokyo Drifter (2011)

Movie Review: Tokyo Drifter (2011)

Two months after the triple disaster (earthquake-tsunami-nuclear meltdown) that shredded Japan to pieces, the country had to act upon their feet to get society back into shape. This meant energy-conserving black outs, regulated checks for non-radioactive water, and safe zones for those more vulnerable than the majority of the population. It was a frightening time for the citizens of Japan… Continue reading


From My iTunes: “Go To Hell” by Raphael Saadiq

For today’s From My iTunes pick, I decided to put the soul back into my heart with Raphael Saadiq’s stunning song “Go To Hell” off of his latest album Stone Rollin’ (2011). Saadiq, who’s been jamming with old school R&B since 1987, sings with power and grace, overshadowing the beautiful violins and back up singers supporting him. … Continue reading